Cunity was programmed out of the need of having a social network of your own, which is not controlled by some big internet company. Nowadays, companies running social networks try to exploit your private data for money. With Cunity, you will always be in full control of your site's data as you can install your Cunity on your own webserver. Even if you rent a Cunity with us, you can always cancel your plan and move out with your entire set of data.

Cunity comes with a full set of modules that are important on a social network: Pinboard, Friends, Gallery, Chat, Messaging, Memberlist and Administration panel

Cunity is open-source and the download and usage costs nothing. It is still copyrighted and is distributed under a license (the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL)). Specifically, this means: you may use it for free, change it and redistribute always under AGPL, commercially or non-commercially.

  • The copyright(s) must not be removed from the software (program parts, scripts, design, etc).
  • You must preserve the license (GNU Affero General Public License), when you redistribute or share the software or parts of the software. You must NOT distribute the software or parts of the software under any other license.
  • You must display a "Powered by CUNITY ®" + the Logo + © 2015 Smart In Media GmbH & Co. KG, and the link to on your CUNITY-powered website.
  • Also, under GNU Affero General Public License you must provide a link on your website to your CUNITY® source code. If you haven't changed the source code, you may provide a link to the CUNITY® main download site. If you made changes to the source code, you have to provide a link to an archive of your CUNITY® version, so your users may download it under Affero GNU Public License.
  • Be aware that Cunity contains 3rd party-solutions that apply for the use within Cunity, but must not be redistributed as stand-alone applications (please see the Credits-section for this).
Based On Modules
Control Your Data
Responsible On Mobile Devices


PHP 5.4+, MySQL 5.1+, Zend Framework 1.12, Smarty 3


 Cunity V2.0

ZIP-Archive (includes Zend Framework and Smarty)

Getting Started

  1. Download the ZIP-Archive and unpack it
  2. Upload the files to your webserver or webspace
  3. Open the URL of your webspace in your browser
  4. Follow the steps in the installer
  5. Your Cunity is now ready to use!